Publications of Dr.Manoj Kumar Sharma,Principal & HOD ,dept of Dravyaguna

1. A study of Hypolipidemic Effect of Guggulu-Global Ayurveda-oct-2008

2. Radiation Hazards and Protection, SRHP-2008 At SMS Medical College

 3. Paper published in “Global Ayurveda” Magazine dec-jan 2008 on guggulu

4. A compendious study of arjuna (Terminalia arjuna (roxb.) Wight & arn.) and lodhra (Symplocos racemosa (roxb.) With special refrence to vyang  february  2017 WJPR

5. A Role of  yava and madhu in prevention and control of Diabetes mellitus Jan-march  

6. Clinical Evaluation of Panchavalkala – A Review Article, Oct 2019-WJPR

7. A review article on medicinal importance of Alysicarpus monilifer- Sept Oct 2019   – IRJAY

8. Precaution and management of hypertension W. S. R. To Ayurveda , Nov Dec 2019-WJPR

9.Mangament of Cervical spondylosis rediculopathy in Ayurved  Case Report, Jan 2020-IRJAY

10. Role of triphala vidangadi lekhana basti & vidangadi ghana vati in the management of sthoulya w.s.r. To obesity Oct 2019 -Wjpr

11.Jeevaniya Mahakashay and Its Immunomodulator Effect: A Review Article     Nov 2020 –IRJAY

12. Conceptual Study of Diet and Its Importance Nov 2020 –WJPR


   Publications of Dr. Shivranjani B. Dept. of Rachna Sharir

  • 1 Key role of metabolimics in diagnosis of a disease
  • 2 The concept of proprietary medicin in Ayurveda
  • 3 Ayurvedic concept of Vyadhi
  • 4 Determination of Mulasthana of Udakavaha Srotas on the basis of its viddha lakshana.
  • 5 An analytical outlook of Manasika Bhavas as per emotional Brain.
  • 6 Clinical relevance of chakra wsr to Muladhara Chakra.
  • 7 Anatomical exploration of Geriatric Change in upper GIT & its management.
  • 8 Role of Ayurveda in Critical Disease.
  • 9 A review on Sthoulya (Obesity).
  • 10 Critical appraisal on the term Kosta as per classics on the basis of Anumana Pramana.
  • 11 Impact of Yoga on Geriatric Health.
  • 12 Variation in the convergence of portal vein found during dissection- A case report.
  • 13 Anatomical exploration of geriatric changes in CNS WSR to Parkinsonism

Publications of Dr. Mukesh Saini . Dept. of Kriya Sharir

  • 1. Physiological aspect of aahar vidhi w.s.r. to digestion, WJPR, 20 August 2020
  • 2.Physiological aspect of Upavasa (langhana) w.s.r indigestion (Mandagni/Agnimandhya), IRJAY, 9 SEPTEMBER 2020
  • 3.The Physiological study of twak upadhatu w.s.r. To skin, JAIMS, Nov.-Dec. 2020
  • 4.The physiological study of sanchayavstha of sathkriyakala w.s.r seasons (ritus), IAMJ, January 2021
  • 5.Physiological aspect of updhatu and formation of aartava from rasadhatu, WJPMR, 1 Feb. 2021
  • 6.Physiological study of sweda mala w.s.r sweat, IRJAY, 3 March 2021
  • 7.Physiological study of doshas in dincharya and ritucharya W.S.R. biological clock, NJARS, April- June  2021
  • 8.Physiological Study of Udaan Vayu w.s.r Speech, IRJAY, 30 April 2021
  • 9.Physiological study of vyaan vayu w.s.r blood circulation, WJPMR, 1May 2021
  • 10.The physiological study of Prakopavastha of Shatkriyakala w.s.r. To Seasons (Ritu’s), JAIMS, Mar-Apr 2021
  • 11.The physiological study of nidra w.s.r. of biological clock, WJPMR, 1 Sep. 2021
  • 12.The role of dincharya and ritucharya in healthy lifestyle w.s.r. to maintain the biological clock,  IRJAY, 31st August 2021
  • 13.The physiological study of koshtha w.s.r. digestion, WJPMR, 1 Sep. 2021
  • 14.A study of agni on the ritucharya w.s.r. digestion, IRJAY, 31st August 2021
  • 15.The physiological study of sthansamshrayavastha of shatkriyakala w.s.r seasons (ritu’s), WJPMR, 1 Sep. 2021
  • 16.A study of viruddha-ahar in healthy lifestyle w.s.r. incompatible foods, IRJAY, 31st August 2021
  • 17.A survey study on the role of dincharya and ritucharya in healthy lifestyle w.s.r. to maintain the biological clock, IAMJ, September 2021
  • 18.A review article on the physiological study of bodhaka kapha w.s.r. saliva, WJPR, 1 Sep. 2022
  • 19.A physiological study of shukra dhatu w.s.r. sexual hormones, IAMJ, September 2021
  • 20.A review article on the physiological study of agni, WJPMR, 1 Sep. 2022